The Centro Luzo Club and United New Bedford joined forces to hold their first Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday for those in need.

Before the dinner was served organizers were requesting donations of food and turkeys.

The Rev. David Lima, Executive Minister of the Interchurch Council of Greater New Bedford, told WBSM's Phil Paleologos that once again the local community came through donating roughly 60 turkey for the feast and lots of clothes.

"When I walked in here I saw at least half-dozen tables filled with clothes, gloves, hats, there's a couple of racks of winter coats, it's amazing," said Lima.

Lima says some of the donations included contributions from a very enthusiastic knitter.

"I was hearing the story of one woman who doesn't go out, she has some difficulties with mobility, but she knits and knits and knits hats, scarfs, gloves,and dontates constantly," said Lima "these are the little stories that just let us know the blessings that we have around us."

While this event is over Rev. Lima says there will still be numerous opportunities to donate and contribute especially as the winter months approach.

"Winter's coming and there's going to be a lot of need," said Lima "the food pantries, clothing, coats, you're going to hear about clothing drives, coat drives, continue to do just do what you can New Bedford because you make a difference."