When was the last time you looked to Taylor Swift--or any celebrity for that matter--for advice on how to vote? Yeah, me neither.

It seems Swift, the country bumpkin turned pop diva, has endorsed Democrat Phil Bredesen over Republican Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee's hotly contested open U.S. Senate race to be decided on November 6.

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Republican National Convention: Day Four
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Fox News thinks this is such a big story that it has been the lead on the cable network's website since late yesterday. I even got a FOX NEWS ALERT on my cell phone about it.

Who'd have thought that Taylor Swift's opinion about anything could help to reshape the future of government? Who'd have thought that anybody would care?

Swift says while she'd like to support female candidates, Blackburn's voting record as a member of Congress "appalls and terrifies" her. Swift is reportedly upset that Blackburn supports a baker's right not to have to bake a cake for a gay wedding if it violates the baker's religious beliefs.

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Fair enough, I guess. To each his, or her, own. But Swift, who accused a radio DJ of sexually assaulting her in 2013, is okay with Bredesen's backing of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who is public enemy number one of the #metoo'ers.

These celebrities and their politics are enough to make your head spin. But why do Fox and the other news outlets consider this to be important or newsworthy at all? Celebrities ought to stay away from politics and stick to entertaining us. Ask the Dixie Chicks.

Democratic Presidential Debate in Milwaukee
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If anyone cared about celebrity endorsements, Hillary Clinton would be president right now, Trump would have been impeached, guns would be banned, and the Kavanaugh nomination would have been rejected. None of those things happened. Get my point?

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