Do not allow Donald Trump to detract from what was a historic day in our nation yesterday. Yesterday, we celebrated so many wonderful milestones. We celebrated the election of many people from so many different walks of life. I don't care if they're Republican or Democrat, that widespread representation is important.

Our elected officials should be a reflection of those they represent. So many firsts occurred last night, creating a beautiful mosaic of Americans ready to expand the minds of those in Washington.

Today, President Trump tried to detract from that by making the midterms all about him. He attacked those in his own party who lost and did not embrace him. He claimed those in his party who won did so largely thanks to his support. He again attacked the media for not tossing him softballs in a press conference. When he does this, he not only attacks a free press which he is sworn to protect, but also disrespects the American people by not answering the tough questions.

No president gets it easy from the press. That's the point. There is no need to lash out and resort to name-calling. There is no need to call someone a terrible person because they're trying to hold you accountable. There is no need to call an African American woman a racist for asking a question about white nationalism. There is no need.

People who attack and yell over people in this way are typically people who are small-minded, insecure people who are out of ideas. His narcissistic and impulsive behavior is bad for America.

What is good for America is when citizens come out and become active in local, state and federal government. What is good for America is when its people become the change they wish to see.

Yesterday, that happened.

Yesterday, we saw what is truly at the core of America. I have faith that this country is still strong. I have faith that this country still loves. I have faith that this country will continue to move forward, despite these ugly moments.

Don't let him blind you and fog that image. We are better than that. We proved it on Tuesday.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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