Sunsets are not all created equal, so once you’ve seen one you have most certainly not seen them all – especially on Martha’s Vineyard. And while it’s true that you’re likely to see the best sunset of your life on the island (and we’re serious about this), there are some areas where the setting sun will be especially stunning.

One of the most magical things about Martha’s Vineyard is the light. Though not easily described – and best to be experienced – the way the light reflects off the ocean as the sun comes down, coating the clouds in a golden glow, is something out of a fairytale. The best Martha’s Vineyard sunsets are quite frankly unbelievable, so make sure to put some sun-gazing at the top of your island bucket list.

The following are a few of our favorite places to soak up a sunset on Martha’s Vineyard.

Menemsha Public Beach
Menemsha is probably the most popular place to enjoy a sunset, and for good reason. As the sun sets off to the west, Menemsha Public Beach allows a completely unobstructed view of the sun meeting the water. Family-friendly Menemsha, a working fishing village with a tranquil harbor, provides extra allure to its renown as the foreground to some stunning sunsets. Many visitors will stop at nearby Larsen’s Fish Market or Menemsha Fish Market to pick up a seafood dinner and enjoy it on the sand (along with a bottle of wine – it’s BYOB in Chilmark). As the sun comes down and meets the horizon, it’s not uncommon for the crowd to break out in applause, celebrating the natural beauty of the sky taking place right in front of their eyes. Be warned: sunset parking in Menemsha during the summer months can be very limited, but the local bus service offers a bus shuttle from nearby Chilmark Community Center. Pro tip: for those visiting during the summer enjoy dinner at the iconic Beach Plum Inn overlooking Menemsha Harbor and catch the sunset from their outdoor patio while dining.

​Lambert’s Cove Beach
With a similar view to Menemsha, Lambert’s Cove Beach is positioned on the western portion of Martha’s Vineyard’s north shore in West Tisbury. In season, Lambert’s Cove Beach is restricted to residents only by day but many people take advantage of the evenings to congregate on the sand to soak up some epic sunsets from the shore. It’s a bit of a walk from the parking lot, but the journey is worth it. The beach itself is one of the most beautiful on the island, with fine sand and crystal blue water making it more tropical looking than most, and the sunsets a real treat.

​Aquinnah Cliffs
The Aquinnah Cliffs are a spectacular sight in their own right but, as a bonus, they also provide the perfect perch from which to enjoy an unsurpassable view of the setting sun. Aquinnah marks Martha’s Vineyard’s furthest point west and approaching the cliffs almost feels like reaching the end of the world. With an expanse of natural beauty in every direction, you’ll have a lot to take in as the sun goes down: the water, the multi-colored clay cliffs, and the historic Gay Head Lighthouse. An Aquinnah sunset will completely overwhelm your senses in the best way possible, leaving you with a memory to replay again and again.

Some of our other favorite locations for enjoying a sunset include atop the East Chop Lighthouse, Vineyard Haven Harbor, and Edgartown Harbor. As we said before, a glimpse at a sunset from anywhere on-island is likely to impress and inspire.

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