CARVER (WBSM) — For weeks now, the black bears that have been showing up across the SouthCoast have allowed us to learn more about these fascinating creatures that are becoming more common here in our region.

This past weekend, we learned another fun fact about one of these bears: he’s a real party animal.


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Mikayla Colantonio had an unexpected guest arrive at her bridal shower on Saturday, June 10 in a backyard on South Meadow Road in Carver.

“We had just finished brunch, so most of us were down by the pool chatting, while some girls were up by the food tables cleaning up,” Colantonio told WBSM. “All of a sudden, we hear yelling and that the bear was there.”

Although the bear didn’t have an invitation, he moseyed right on into the party.

“He had come walking up the side yard through the open gate,” Colantonio said. “He must have smelled all of the food that was still sitting out on the buffet.”

Even though he could have grabbed a plate and helped himself, Colantonio said he decided instead to just move on, scaling the fence to escape the yard.

“We think he decided to just keep walking due to all of our screaming,” she said.

Although they were surprised to see the bear saunter into the party, it wasn’t entirely unexpected considering all of the bear sightings that had been happening in the area lately.

MassWildlife recently confirmed to WBSM that there is a bear who has been wandering through the Plymouth-Carver area, and it’s starting to seem like there may be more than one.

“The night before we all joked that he was going to make an appearance because he was two houses down Friday,” Colantonio said.

Although the bear arrived at the shower without a gift, the memory of his appearance will be something the bride and her friends will always – ahem – bear in mind.

“No one will forget the party, that’s for sure,” Colantonio said.

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