Cape Verdeans in New Bedford have been celebrating the independence of the Cape Verde islands from Portugal for 40 years. That celebration includes festivities in the South Central neighborhood, and a giant parde.

Steven Grace was born in New Bedford, and now lives in Boston. Grace tells WBSM's Jim Phillips, he returns to the city every year to celebrate his heritage and enjoy the parade.

"The parade is very important to me and my family, the heritage for the family, to keep the spirit and nature of Cape Verdean history alive," said Grace.

Spectator Larry Langlois said the parade represents "every race, every ethnic group, its really nice."

The parade lasted more than an hour, and featured marching bands, Cape Verdean dancers and music, marching bands and veterans groups.

Float at Cape Verdean Parade / TSM
Float at Cape Verdean Parade / TSM


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