Community members gathered at New Bedford's Monte Park on Wednesday night to hold a candle-light vigil for 24 year-old shooting victim, Aaron Gant Jr.

Various community leaders spoke about coming together to ending violence in the area, and helping the youth improve their lives.

Reverend David Lima says Gant's death not only impacts his family, but the community, too.

"My understanding is this young man was making the positive changes, and having influence on others. That's a loss that we suffered today," Lima says.

Community activist Buddy Andrade says he previously spoke with Gant about starting a basketball league. During the vigil, Andrade stressed the need for more local youth activities.

"When we were young, we had a ton of things to do, and we didn't have to go far to go do it. It was right here in our neighborhood, and we didn't have to pick up a gun either, and we had a good damn time. But, there's nothing for these kids to do. Where are they going? What are they doing?," says Andrade.

Andrade says he plans to start a basketball league at the nearby Gomes School gym by February 1.

Gant was shot on New Years Eve on Grinnell st. near Pleasant st. and was pronounced dead at St. Luke's Hospital. No suspects have been found.

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