Aaron Gant

Fifth Arrest in Murder
From Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn's Office:
A 24-year-old New Bedford man was arrested Thursday evening in connection to the ongoing investigation into the December 31 homicide of Aaron Gant, Jr. in New Bedford.
Angel Acevedo is being charged with accessory to murder-after the fa…
Third Suspect Arraigned
The third person arrested in connection with the New Year's Eve murder of a New Bedford man has been arraigned.
Bristol County District Attorney spokesman Gregg Miliote says 21-year-old Lorena Rivera of New Bedford was ordered held on $10,000 bail after being charged with obstruction of justice.…
Three Charged in Murder
Three people have been arrested in connection to the ongoing murder investigation of Aaron Gant, Jr.
The Bristol County District Attorney's Office says 25-year-old Chad Santos, 24-year-old Kathleen Rivera, and 21-year-old Lorena Rivera, all of New Bedford, were arrested Wednesday night after being qu…
Candle-Light Vigil Held
Community members gathered at New Bedford's Monte Park on Wednesday night to hold a candle-light vigil for 24 year-old shooting victim, Aaron Gant Jr.
Various community leaders spoke about coming together to ending violence in the area, and helping the youth improve their lives...