Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford needs the public’s help. An adorable baby sloth was born at the zoo in August and the sweet little guy needs a name.

The Growing Sloth Family at Buttonwood

Back in October, Fun 107 shared the exciting news of Buttonwood welcoming the furry bundle of joy. Sandy, 13, and Bernardo, 21, are parents to Ziggy who arrived last June, and now they have another child to add to their family.

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Zoo staff members were unable to determine the sex of the baby at the time, but three months later, the zoo has shared it is a baby boy.

I have always considered the sloth my spirit animal. They love to sleep, they always seem happy, and they give great hugs. I would give anything to hug the newest addition to this sweet sloth family.

Sandy, Bernardo, Ziggy and the baby can be seen in the Rainforest, Rivers and Reefs Exhibit.

Naming Contest

The zoo is asking Facebook users to submit a name suggestion for the baby Hoffman’s two-toed sloth and to “like” the best choices. The top five choices will be given to the zookeepers to pick the official winner.

The commenter whose suggestion gets chosen will win a family pass to Buttonwood and $1,000 will be donated in their name to The Sloth Institute Costa Rica, a sanctuary that focuses on enhancing the welfare and conservation of sloths through rescue, rehabilitation, and release of hand-raised and injured sloths.

Get your thinking caps on. The official name of this sweet boy will be unveiled on Friday, January 27th.

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