Those who have been demanding that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller testify before Congress appear about ready to get their wish. A wise old somebody once cautioned to be careful what you wish for because your wish might come true.

Why in God's name would the Democrats even remotely think this is a good idea? How can they possibly think this would do anything more than hurt their cause? Keep in mind, we just paid Mueller $35 million dollars to give us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. What can Mueller possibly say that he hasn't told us already? And if there is something new, can we charge him with withholding evidence, or even fraud?

Clinging to the last strand of grass to keep from falling off the planet of relevance, the Democrats are hoping against hope that Mueller will prove once and for all that Attorney General William Barr lied and that Donald Trump has been a rootin', tootin', hifalutin' Putin stooge all along. Earth to them: AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! Anything Mueller has against Trump had better be in that report or we're gonna know why.

I am anxiously awaiting Mueller's appearance before Congress. I want to know more about the things that did not appear in his report—you know, the real Russian collusion. What did Mueller think about the DNC email servers? What about the dossier, the FISA applications, Jim Comey and the fact that Mueller actually knew early on that there was no collision involving Trump or the Trump campaign?

Remember, Republican members of the congressional committee get to ask questions, too.

By the way, how many Democrats looking forward to the 2020 election cycle really want to dredge up Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama again? I suspect the answer is not many, but dragging Mueller before a congressional committee will do just that.

If the Democrats had been smart, they would have ended this chicanery and moved on the second the Mueller report was complete. But they are still trying to win the 2016 elections and just won't let go. This cannot end well for them.

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