This Rave Guardian app is meant to offer some piece of mind to students concerned for their safety on campus. Bridgewater State University is offering this tailor-made app to students with smart phones. Compatible with Androids and iPhones, students will have the ability to "initiate a panic call while on campus to the Bridgewater State University Police Department, which will have a dedicated monitoring station for the system that provides police with the location of the students using Google Maps and GPS."

When a distress call is made, police can then dispatch to the student's last known location while staying in contact with the student through Rave Guardian. BSU President Frederick Clark wants all students to download the app. “Even students who may not feel as if they need others to help them feel or stay safe should use the app to be a guardian and help protect their friends.” He is referring to the app's "tip line" linked to the BSU Police Department. "Guardians" can tip off the department when witnessing activity such as "harassment and stalking, mental health and suspicious activity. A direct 911 line reaches Smart911-enabled centers nationwide for situations that may arise off campus."