Toys R Us is selling action figures from the popular TV show Breaking Bad that's causing a kerfuffle with some parents who say these figures glamorize the drug culture and don't belong in a children's toy store. The TV show centers on a high school chemistry teacher, who upon learning he has cancer, turns to making and selling Meth so that his family will be financially secure when he dies.

Obviously, the show is for adults. So why model action figures off the show and sell them in a children's store? Toys R Us said in a statement that the toys are meant for ages 15 and up, and they're located in the 'adult action figure areas.' That's a weak retort for parents who believe kids mimic their action figures. The figures come with drug paraphernalia, although Toys R Us doesn't come out and say what it is. The accessories include "blue crystals" as in methamphetamine! The figures come complete with a detachable sack of cash and a bag of meth. Really?

The TODAY Show just did a segment on this. So, let me ask you to chime in.


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