might be considered rude for pointing out other people's rude behavior, but that didn't stop the website from listing "The 30 rudest cities in the U.S., according to Americans."

How rude, right?

It didn't surprise me that places such as San Francisco (No. 26), Los Angeles (16), Philadelphia (15), Chicago (14) and New York (eight) made the list of the 30 most rude cities in the nation.

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I am surprised that only three New England cities are on the list, and all of them are in Southern New England.

Three New England Cities Among The Rudest In The Nation
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Providence, Rhode Island, just barely made the cut, coming in as the 30th-rudest city in America.

The rap on Providence? Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. says, "Having so many people who all appear to know a thing or two hundred about just about anything means many in Providence aren't afraid to share their opinion." The site suggests that makes many Providence folk "bookishly aloof."

New Haven, Connecticut ranks 27th on's list of America's rudest cities. Here's the rub: Yale University. Again, higher education appears to rub some folks the wrong way leading to the impression that folks there are rude. says, "It's something many tourists have noticed over the years."

Three New England Cities Among The Rudest In The Nation
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So what is the rudest city in New England? Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is also the rudest city in the nation, according to, which cites the city for a "lack of manners."

With a population of 693,062, says, "Sadly, personalities that have been described as being as cold as Boston's winters have seen the locals earn one of the worst reputations when it comes to rudeness."

The site says, "A lack of manners and being paranoid about dealing with strangers have all been hurled in Boston's direction, resulting in it possibly being the rudest U.S. city of them all."

You can check out the site's complete list of America's 30 rudest cities and see if you agree.

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