The snow totals keep rising and a Blizzard Warning has officially been issued for Eastern Plymouth County.

Abby Renoir

If you got to hang out outside today, we hope you followed our lead and soaked in the Spring-like temps while pretending the mess that's heading our way tomorrow wasn't actually happening. A foot of snow doesn't seem too bad when you're hangin' in the sun and 50's.

But tomorrow is going to bring quite the mess to the Southcoast, particularly to Plymouth County. ABC6 has issued a Blizzard Warning for towns east of New Bedford, including the Cape and Islands.

Locally, we're likely to see 8-12 inches while those in the Red Zone can expect over a foot. Add in a the wind and conditions are going to be pretty hairy for the majority of Thursday, with major headaches in the afternoon and evening commutes.

Stay safe, stock up on frozen pizza and cookie dough, and ride out the storm while binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows.