It seems like authorities have recently been conducting one massive drug bust after another on the SouthCoast — and across Southeastern Massachusetts, and even southern New England.

We've seen fentanyl dealers taken down in Fall River, drug traffickers arrested in New Bedford, and multi-state organizations selling narcotics from the Cape to Providence getting dismantled.

There's been Operation Rhode Runner, Operation Lunch Break, and other operations big enough for code names.

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Records broken include almost $1.3 million of suspected drug money seized out of New Bedford, as well as $4.6 million worth of fake Adderall pills seized in Cumberland, R.I. — both in 2022.

In some of the drug raids, more than a dozen people are arrested, some with illegal firearms.

In others, large amounts of drugs or money suspected to be the proceeds of illicit drug sales are taken off the streets.

Here are ten of the largest SouthCoast-area drug busts in recent memory.

Biggest Drug Busts on the SouthCoast

Here's a list of ten of the biggest drug busts ever seen in the SouthCoast area.

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