I wonder how the people who make up our criminal justice system feel about U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren's comment that "the hard truth about our criminal justice system: It's racist...I mean front-to-back."

Is that like saying she thinks the criminal justice system is racist from top-to-bottom, or right-to-left?

On my show Tuesday, U.S. Senate candidate Beth Lindstrom spared no words reprimanding the incumbent senator, slamming her remarks as polarizing and divisive. Arguing the senator's comment is sowing dissension, Lindstrom has called on Warren to apologize to the criminal justice officers and workers. I agree.

I know a lot of people locally who work in the criminal justice system. The ones I am familiar with are not racists but are very good, hard-working employees of our criminal justice system. And for Senator Warren to blacken the eye and insult the very people who serve and protect us is a disgraceful put-down and disruptive.

Since this kind of remark is so screw-loose, I am more and more convinced that Warren won't run in 2020.

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