Beer and wine can now be purchased at BJ's Wholesale club in Dartmouth.

Select Board Chair Stanley Mickelson told WBSM News that they allowed the chain to sell the alcoholic beverages after the board heard no opposition during their meeting.

"The Select Board meeting that evening was an open meeting, open to the public, and there was no representation by anyone that had to speak in favor, other than BJ's, or against," said Mickelson.

Mickelson also said that the alcholic beverages only take up a small section of the store.

"They have a small little display and it represents very, very little space compared to the overall picture of the store," said Mickelson "and I think that was also brought to us when they did come to us, they had a schematic of the area they were going to use and it's a small, small portion of the store, very small."

A change in state law, Chapter 193 of the Acts of 2011, raised the maximum number of locations a business could have that sell alcohol to five in 2012 and seven this year.

The final step will raise that number to nine in 2020.

While BJ's has benefited from this change, Mickelson said these changes could help smaller businesses expand as well.

"This gives other independent liquor stores an opportunity to open up other locations," said Mickelson "so it isn't just to help the big guy, it's there to help everyone."

Before the change was made in 2012, stores were limited to three locations selling alcohol in total, including beer-and-wine licenses and all-alcohol licenses.

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