Did you know our State House has had a 2,080-pound bronze replica of the historic Liberty Bell, before it cracked, since 1950?

With all the times I've been to Beacon Hill, I never knew about this historic knockoff. And what's worse, the bell isn't ringing and has been inaccessible to visitors since the big front doors were closed following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

So now, George Warren of Northborough is waging a one-man awareness-raising campaign to have the massive bell moved to another spot, so people can see it again.

A couple of of state representatives crafted a bill (H 1776) that calls for officials to study the feasibility of moving the bell to a "more accessible location to the general public" inside the State House, and to report their findings by the end of the year. It also creates a Massachusetts Liberty Bell Replica Fund that would be used to pay for the relocation.

As I cue up Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom," I hope it doesn't take the pols years to move on this.

Consider this a "ringing" endorsement for moving Boston's own Liberty Bell.

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