Barry Depina stopped by Brian the Cab Driver's show to speak about his father's untimely death and how he's handled the last 4 days.

Depina was found unresponsive in Brooklawn Park around 11pm on Saturday night, November 28th, suffering from a gunshot wound.

Brian the Cab Driver was the senior cab driver on duty that night and friend's of Depina.  When Brian arrived on the scene, he saw cones on the ground marking bullet shell cases, caution tape roping off the area, New Bedford police, State police and an ambulance. He was transported to St. Luke's Hospital where was later pronounced dead.

Thanks to the cab's internal Dry Cam video system, the drivers were caught on camera as they tired to drive away in the car.  With the help of Blue Bird Transportation, and the State Police were able to download review the video and get a clear look at the two suspects immediately following the shooting.

Along with fingerprints all over the inside of the vehicle, and clear images of their faces, it took very little time for the two suspects to be identified, located and apprehended by the Massachusetts State Police. 18-year-old Alexander Mills and a 16-year-old juvenile male were taken into custody Monday night.

Barry said "First and foremost, thank you to Blue Bird, my father loved driving the cab more than anything." Following the death of his dad, Barry got on the company's all-car radio system to tell the driver's thank you for everything and let them know how much his dad loved them all. "The last thing he'd want is for you guys to all be sad and crying. He'd want you to be celebrating his life."

Barry said he spoke with his dad just twenty minutes prior to the shooting, ending their conversation as always with an exchange of "I love you".  By the time Barry made it to the hospital, emergency workers said they had revived his heart 3 times and sadly, the 4th attempt was not enough. Barry said the DA and MA State police kept him informed throughout the process and he was grateful for the 7am wake-up call Tuesday morning informing him of the arrests.

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