NEW BEDFORD - The Director of Community Affairs for Governor Charlie Baker's Administration took a trip to the Whaling City on Friday and was provided a tour from Ward Four City Councilor Dana Rebeiro.

Anthony Richards paid a visit to New Bedford on behalf of the Baker Administration to discuss what is needed for the communities of the city with Rebeiro and other community activists. The City Councilor and Richards started their day at Pier 3 before making stops at the Longshoreman Union Hall, Boys and Girls Club, Dennison Memorial, and more city landmarks.

At Pier 3, Richards was able to sit down with Rebeiro and community leaders involved in the fishing industry. President of the Longshoreman Union Kevin Rose also attended the meeting to discuss the possibility of establishing a training center for maritime jobs to help battle unemployment in the city.

Rose's goal is to work with the state to provide people of color in New Bedford with training in the fishing industry and for other maritime work. He says that nothing of the sort exists in the city and argues that it could provide a boost to the economy while creating employment opportunities for those who need it.

"It'd be nice to have something where we could have training, or some kind of classes. Whatever is needed, we need that because right now we don't have it,” Rose said. “We don't have any training programs at all."

Dr. Rothschild is a retiree who spent his career fishing out of New Bedford's Port. He acted as an advisor during the meeting and suggested what types of training for the industry could be offered. He also argues that creating an opening for people to use to start a career out of the Whaling City would benefit all city-residents.

"The concerns of this group are jobs,” said Rothschild. “Job opportunities that are equitable of all people is great for the economy, great for New Bedford, and great for the region," he said.

Richards could not provide any comment to WBSM News, but as a result of the brief Pier 3 meeting, he invited the group to attend an advisory board for the Administration in Boston that will entertain the issues of cities across the state.

Councilor Rebeiro continued her tour of the city with Richards following the meeting and says that the ultimate goal of today's tour was to get the attention of the Baker Administration so the people of New Bedford can benefit.

"We're talking about what's going on with the Longshoreman (Union), and also how we can include people of color in the fishing industry in a greater capacity. I'm also giving him a tour of Ward Four and helping him to understand what we can do so that everybody benefits in New Bedford," Rebeiro said.

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