The left may soon regret a lawsuit filed by Democrat New York Attorney General Letitia James that seeks the dissolution of the National Rifle Association. The suit gives President Donald Trump more ammunition to make his often-stated case that the Democrats are coming for your Second Amendment rights.

The left has often targeted the National Rifle Association as the bad guy as it attempts to strip Americans of their firearms. This foolish suit is proof that the NRA and those who believe in the right to bear arms are in the crosshairs of the left-wing politicians.  

Gun sales have surged in America in recent years as the left's rhetoric against gun ownership has intensified. The rioting and the sharp increase in violent crime all across the country have driven gun sales to new heights. The experts say the pandemic, the episodes of looting, and calls to defund the police are behind the rush to buy guns.  

2nd Amendment Advocates Gather At The Rod Of Iron Freedom Festival
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Business Insider reports "The Brookings Institution estimates that about three million more firearms were sold between March and June in the U.S. than is typical for those months of the year." The publication says the growing concern about personal safety has kept the FBI busy as well: "The FBI in June processed a record 3.9 million background checks, representing the most checks since the agency started recording that data in 1988."

Gun Shop Near Ferguson Sees Increase In Business Ahead Of Awaited Grand Jury Decision
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Personal safety and the protection of their family and property is the number one concern among voters. When Americans see their right to free movement and assembly restricted by state and local officials and a Democrat Party that refuses to condemn violence while targeting their right to bear arms, that concern is enhanced.

An attack on the NRA solidifies support for Trump's re-election. 

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