City Council-at-Large candidate Carlos Felix says despite the FBI crime statistics, New Bedford is still a violent city. During a candidates forum Tuesday night, Mayor Jon Mitchell said New Bedford is a safe city, and not the violent city portrayed in the media. Felix says within 24 hours of that forum, four shooting incidents took place in the city, and thinks leaders are turning a blind eye to the problem. "Some of the councillors, not all, (are) still sticking to the mantra that New Bedford is safer and cleaner. I'm sorry, you're either delusional or out of touch with what's going on in the city," said Felix.

The Ward Two resident and At-Large candidate says the residents of new bedford are living in fear, and are afraid to contact the authorities when they see a problem in their neighborhood. "There aren't people in that property that are calling the police. They're not calling the right authorities. They're turning a blind eye to it because they're afraid. The landlords aren't there. They're not taking care of their properties. Why should anybody care? It's a free-for-all."

Felix says strengthening the Problem Property ordinance and involving neighborhood groups in City government could go a long way toward reducing violent crime in New Bedford. Felix is one of ten candidates running for five seats in the November 3 election.

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