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Carlos Felix
City Council-at-Large candidate Carlos Felix says despite the FBI crime statistics, New Bedford is still a violent city. During a candidates forum Tuesday night, Mayor Jon Mitchell said New Bedford is a safe city, and not the violent city portrayed in the media...
Ordinance Opposition
Ordinance Opposition
Ward Five City Councilor Kerry Winterson seems to be cool to Mayor Mitchell's proposed "problem properties" ordinance. Winterson was one of three councilors to vote against the ordinance in committee Tuesday night. He tells WBSM News he feels the ordinance targets the wrong people...
Council Delays Ordinance
The New Bedford City Council has once again tabled Mayor Jon Mitchell's "Problem Properties" ordinance. The Council's Committee on Ordinances last night weighed the third version of the ordinance, which has been whittled down to bring action against landlords after eight valid complaints of a criminal nature, instead of ten complaints that would have included criminal, code, and zoning v