What are we doing here? Our laws are all over the place.

On one hand this week, we have the Federal Appeals Court of the 2nd District telling American citizens that police cannot even pull you over, let alone arrest you for exercising your First Amendment rights, which includes getting their attention and giving them the middle finger while shouting obscenities from a moving vehicle, or on even on foot..

On the other hand, during the same week, a judge tacked on six more years to a felon who was just told how long he'd be wearing an orange jumpsuit. Six years, all because he also used his First Amendment right to tell the judge his opinion of how he felt about his sentence length.

Manson Bryant had just finished his apology for his "bad decisions" which found him guilty of kidnapping, aggravated assault (armed assault), aggravated burglary (armed burglary) and abduction when he sat back and listened to Lake County Judge Lucci inform him of his decision to send him to prison for 22 years.

Video shows that Mr. Bryant at first didn't think he could have heard the judge correctly when his attorney re-affirmed what the judge said. “Twenty-two years? Man, f--- your courtroom, you racist-ass bitch,” Bryant yelled. “F--- your courtroom, man. You racist as f---. Twenty-two f---ing years? Racist-ass bitch. You ain’t s---."

So folks, the judges are telling us, when it comes to expressing yourself to our men and women in blue, swing away. When addressing the same judges though, don't go too far. You have no rights but to remain silent.

They may be okay with you verbally abusing the same people that protect society, but you will not disrespect some of the more pompous asses on the bench, without hell to pay—or in his case, 2,192 more days in jail.

You've got to love the consistency in American law these days.

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