The United Way's third annual "Stuff The Truck" event saw a great turnout at Fairhaven's Stop & Shop on Saturday afternoon.

WBSM and Fun 107 were on site helping volunteers raise a grand total of 833 lbs in non-perishable food and other goods for the Hunger Commission, along with $140 in cash donations.

Director of Resources, Maureen Sylvia says "Stuff The Truck" is just one of many events the United Way organizes to help fight hunger all year.

"You know our theme for our campaign this year is 'great things happen when we live united', and I think today, we made great things happen for families who may be looking at an empty cabinet. Now, we have food to stock their shelves so that they can have supper before they go to bed," said Sylvia.

One father who showed up decided he would take the opportunity to teach his two sons a lesson about giving. After finishing their own shopping, the three walked through Stop & Shop picking out items the United Way needed.

"The kids felt really good, and we thank the dad for making that example today," Sylvia tells WBSM News.

This year's "Stuff The Truck" trumped last year's numbers by about 80 lbs in goods.

Anyone interested in volunteering for the United Way and similar local causes can visit for more information.

Jon Faria/TSM
Jon Faria/TSM


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