The holiday shopping season is already upon us, bringing with it sales, countless trips to the mall and a local consumer watchdog group's top picks for the worst toys in 2015.

For over four decades, Boston-based W.A.T.C.H. (World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc.) has discussed the issue of dangerous toys in the hopes of creating a safer environment for children.

This year's list includes a realistic-looking foam dart gun that could result in serious eye injury, along with the added danger of looking like an actual firearm.

Other toys that have made it onto the list are a "skateboard without the wheels," a fold-away trampoline, a play doctor set and a plastic sword.

W.A.T.C.H. president Joan Siff cautions parents from purchasing toys online.

"Parents and caregivers will be able to make more informed decisions if they avoid the impulse purchase and do their due diligence," Siff said in a release Wednesday. "Many toy shoppers may not be getting complete information when buying toys online so they may not know hazards of a purchase at the time of sale."

According to the release, there have been at least 16 toy recalls over the past 12 months representing upwards of three million toys in the United States and Canada.

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