We're familiar with space and land travel, but taking off like a rocket is the surging popularity of "genealogical travel," whose destination leads us back to our roots. 

Actor and award-winning travel writer, Andrew McCarthy and National Geographic, have published an exceptional and interesting book about uncovering ones ancestry, titled Journeys Home: Inspiring Stories, Plus Tips & Strategies to Find Your Family History. The book, filled with beautiful photos, opens with a personal journey to Ireland as recounted by Andrew McCarthy, as well as by 25 other writers.

More and more, travelers are looking for different areas of the world to explore. Couple that with a destination that leads you back to your extended family and it's easy to see why "genealogical travel" is gaining in popularity. During our radio chat, Andrew McCarthy was inspired to uncover his Irish roots in part by becoming a father, as well as by the importance his Irish wife placed on family legacy. You know what they say, "Happy wife, happy life!" You'll enjoy the great photos, stories and tips giving readers a passport to embark on a search for their family's roots with Journeys Home.

Inspiring Stories, Plus Tips and Strategies to Find Your Family History
288 pp. National Geographic. $26.