Thirty years after the AIDS virus began to make news, the disease is still with us. Various health-related organizations held a vigil Thursday night outside New Bedford City Hall to mark World AIDS Day, coming up December 1.

Maria Alves of Seven Hills Behavioral Health says it's important to remember this community's struggle with the AIDS virus.

"The ceremony is to remember those folks that we have lost in our lives throughout the years, and to remember those folks who are still struggling with the disease," she said.

She added this year's theme nationally is "U = U," meaning Undetectable equals Untransmittable.

Despite all the warnings and education, Alves tells WBSM News there are still new cases of AIDS showing up in New Bedford.

"We have the Community Health Center, where folks are testing positive on a daily basis," said Alves "We have private physicians seeing folks every day. People are still testing positive when they are testing."

Health organizations in New Bedford still continue to make available condoms and harm-reduction materials to the public, and while it's an individual's personal choice, Alves says you are less likely to be infected with a disease when you take precautions.

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