Sexually transmitted diseases are no joke, and they're making a strong comeback, next door, in Rhode Island. The state Department of Health says HIV rates in the state are up 33 percent from 2013 to 2014, gonorrhea cases are up 30 percent, and syphilis cases skyrocketed a whopping 79 perce…
New Bedford Recognizes World Aids Day
Mayor Jon Mitchel was among the speakers as New Bedford marked World AIDS Day.
The vigil outside the downtown library stressed education and awareness of the deadly virus, and was followed by a candlelight procession to the United Methodist Church on Union street...
UN: “Dramatic Progress” In Fight Against AIDS
The United Nations is touting "dramatic" progress in the global fight against AIDS. 
In an annual report, UNAIDS  says deaths from AIDS and HIV infection rates are falling, while the number of people getting treatment is rising. 
By the end of last year, almost ten-million people in poorer a…