With one medicinal marijuana dispensary currently in an appeals process with the state, another is now looking to take it's place in Fairhaven.

Coastal Compassion presented the Fairhaven Board of Selectmen it's plans to open a dispensary in the Fairhaven Center for Business Monday evening. Group President Tim Keogh says he needs to submit his application to the state by August 29th.

Complicating matters is the fact that the Department of Public Health has not made a decision on the appeal by the Compassionate Care Clinic.

Selectman Geoff Haworth says this situation forces the Board to make a tough decision.

Keogh requested a signed letter of support from the Board, but must first show some support by the public.

Shop owners in the business complex are opposed to the dispensary and many have not even spoken to the non-profit about it's plans.

Complex Chairman Jim Vieira says the dispensary just wouldn't fit in.

Compassionate Care Clinic Executive Director Shelly Stormo tells WBSM she is confident with the process of her appeal but has no idea when she will receive a decision by the DPH. Selectman Charlie Murphy plans to reach out to the DPH to get some answers on a time frame.