Local used book stores have been decimated by Amazon. Don't blame Amazon, though; the consumers have made a choice. But New Bedford has a book shop that beats the online giant.

I love books. I love browsing for books, and I love acquiring books. If you are my friend, you have learned (painfully in some cases) how I will recommend and even push books on you. I will give you books and tell you all the reasons why you will love the books I shoved into your hands.

Downtown New Bedford has a destination book store.

The problem with buying books online is the wait. The other problem is with the shopping experience. I don't know exactly what else I want to read when I start looking for the book I want to read. I also want to read the book immediately that I went to buy, but when I but it comes from online I have to wait a few days to get the book.

The used book store in Downtown New Bedford has a tremendous selection and the prices beat Amazon and all other online book stores. Importantly, you leave with the book and you can read it immediately.

Downtown retail shops survive and thrive because they are offering something better than online retailers.

The store is on Pleasent Street, just south of Union Street. It is on the second floor and it is open weekdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. I think the name is "book store."

The owner is Ira, and while I have been going there for years I don't know his last name and I'm sure he doesn't know my name at all. We always have nice conversations when we talk. I appreciate him for making great books available and I think he appreciates me buying the books.

He sells great books at great prices. This book shop is worth visiting if you like books. I purchased five books for about $5 and I left a bunch behind for you to buy.

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