NEW BEDFORD - Massachusetts State Police divers have located the vessel that sank off the coast of Nantucket, but the search continues for two fishermen from New Bedford and Fairhaven.

The 69-foot surf clam harvesting vessel Misty Blue, based out of New Bedford, sent out a distress beacon at about 6 p.m. Monday, alerting the Coast Guard and other area vessels. The boat soon sank, and two crewmembers, Captain Eric Arabian, 44, and Colby McMullen, 22, were rescued.

Chris Brayton, vessel manager for Atlantic Capes Fisheries, Inc., the company that owns the fishing vessel Misty Blue, is hopeful that Michael Roberts, 44, and Jonathan Saraiva, 32, are found alive. Brayton says Roberts is a longtime, well-liked employee.

"He's a very quiet, easy-going man. He's easy to get along with," said Brayton. "We met with his wife. Some of the dockhands are good friends with him. We've had a quite emotional day down there at the dock today."

Brayton says there was no indication of any trouble for the crew of the Misty Blue since their departure from Fairhaven on Saturday to the point of the distress beacon.

"I last contacted the vessel at 3 p.m. The trip was going along fine and we were expecting them here this morning and we got calls starting around 6 p.m. Like I said, we have no insight. The Coast Guard's investigating."

By all accounts, says Brayton, it was an ideal day for December fishing on the ocean Monday.

"It was beautiful. We had four other boats fishing near [Misty Blue]."

And the vessel was up to date on maintenance, according to Brayton.

"Everything's up to date. The boat was in great shape."

The Coast Guard, assisted by State Police and civilian vessels, continues to search for the missing men. A life raft was recovered, but nobody was aboard.

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