Underestimating the height of your homes ceilings could be damaging...very damaging!

Or maybe this never happened?

Patrick Kruger who is an architect living with his wife and son in Seattle decided he did not want to be "out-done" this Christmas by his neighbors, so he got creative!

Every year the over the top holiday displays in his neighborhood have made him feel inadequete when it comes to Christmas decorating.  This year he thought, I've got to do something really spectacular...

Using his skills as an architect and putting himself in Clark Griswalds shoes, he decided to get a tree that truly was too big for his house!  Only thing is, he didn't want to destroy his roof; so he made it appear as it did.

He sawed off the to six feet of the tree and fastened it to the top of his roof, making it appear as though it crashed right through it.  To make it look even more real, he built a platform of shingles and roofing materials awry.  He's incredibly talented as it looks so real!

And Patricks neighbors... they were in awe and completely blow away by his creativity.  He has easily stolen she show this year :)