Due to inclement weather forecasted for Saturday, December 5, “Santa’s Jolly Ride”, the 14-mile motorcade through Fall River has been rescheduled for the following Saturday, December 12. In case of poor weather conditions on December 12, the motorcade will be run on Sunday, December 13.

Residents should stay tuned to the City of Fall River website and Facebook page for updates. “Santa’s Jolly Ride” Motorcade will still happen from 3 to 4:30 pm along the same route as previously announced.

The Mayor’s Office along with Greater Fall River Re-CREATION have worked tirelessly to make sure Santa can still visit the Spindle City safely. Included in the motorcade will be favorites from past Children’s Parades, including the Worcester Sound and Lights Machine, public safety vehicles, trolleys, and vehicles carrying some beloved children’s characters. The finale of the motorcade will be Santa and his elves on their sleigh.

According to a previous post about this event, "Santa's Jolly Ride Motorcade Will Dash All the Way Through Fall River," there is a strong advantage to hosting a motorcade instead of a traditional parade this year:

“Families can see Santa from nearby neighborhood streets and front yards without worrying about getting too close to other people they may not know. The added bonus of a motorcade is it makes it really easy to attend without any huge time commitment. When Old Saint Nick is scheduled to visit your street, you just pop out of the house in whatever you have on, wave as he passes, and go right back to doing what you were doing.”

The official route, according to the press release is as follows:

  • The motorcade will start at City Hall on Sullivan Drive and will proceed east on Pleasant Street, turning right onto Eastern Avenue then turn left onto Stafford Road, taking a right onto Tucker Street, followed by a right onto Rhode Island Avenue.
  • It will then turn left onto Globe Street, then left onto South Main Street.
    At Shove Street, the vehicles will make a U-turn to go back onto South Main Street.
  • The motorcade will then head north to Sullivan Drive where it will turn right. The route will continue back onto Pleasant Street and take a left onto Thirteenth Street.
  • It will then head north on Robeson Street, taking a left onto Highland Avenue at St. Patrick’s Cemetery, heading south.
  • The route will continue on Highland Avenue and take a right turn onto Maple Street, followed by a left turn heading south onto Rock Street.
  • The parade will then turn right onto Bedford Street and will take a left to finish at City Hall. The route is approximately 14 miles.

Anyone with questions or concerns is encouraged to contact Elaina in Mayor Coogan’s Office at (508) 324-2600. To follow along and get the map of the event, visit the official Santa’s Jolly Ride site HERE.

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