As with most years, 2023 saw many local businesses close. From restaurants to shopping spots, places we have known and loved across the SouthCoast had to call it quits for one reason or another this year.

Some closings were sad to hear, other may not have surprised anyone at all. But then there were those announcements that had us floored. Made jaws drop, had people talking about it for weeks and even completely bummed us out.

These are those kinds of closings.

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Living in an area where there is so much history and plenty of people living close together, the SouthCoast probably has more long standing businesses and restaurant options than many other places.

It makes us lucky, but it also means there are lots of choices for shoppers and diners and not everyone can survive.

New national stores come in and end up closing down beloved mom and pops, online shopping makes things easier but puts local store fronts at risk and of course new restaurants open all the time, leaving others with too many empty tables.

So who struggled to survive in the last year? Which of the businesses calling it quits shocked the SouthCoast the most?

Keep scrolling to see some of 2023's Most Startling SouthCoast Closings.

Most Startling SouthCoast Business Closings of 2023

It has been quite the year for local businesses. New hot spots have opened, while several beloved stores had to call it quits.
From retirements to money issues, there were plenty of reasons these SouthCoast spots went away, but we will miss them all.

Gallery Credit: Nancy Hall

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