Technology continues to amaze me. Not just by what it can do, but by how it works. Solar energy, for instance, continues to grow by leaps and bounds in efficiency. Did you know there's an ongoing project to make all of our public roadways solar? Sounds expensive, but I'm willing to bet we'd make our money back within the first five years, maybe even sooner.

But until then, what can you do to make your home run as efficiently as possible? Solar panels are popping up on rooftops everywhere, and for good reason: they're becoming much more affordable. So not only do you save money on installation, you can save money on powering your home. In some cases, it's possible to make money if you are producing more electricity than your home requires!

One of the local companies on the cutting edge of solar and alternative power for your home is Acushnet Alternative Heating. Check out their website. They've got a lot to offer, including reduced cost, effective heating methods for your home instead of throwing your money away on oil or gas each winter.

Take it from me, the possibilities and the savings are endless!