Sometimes you just have to have one of those day's.  If you know me at all I am the type of person who doesn't like to sit still for too long, I need to be doing something, anything!

Well, for some reason I took a day to do nothing, no projects around the house, no work, no anything, and it was great.  I can't see myself doing this too often but it was a nice break.

What did I do with my lazy day?  I sat on the couch and watched a bunch of movies and a little NFL football too.  Normally I can't sit still long enough to make it through a movie but on this day, I watched four!  Four movies that were pretty good!

One of the pay cable channels was having a free preview weekend and I pretty much watched all they had to offer.  The first movie we watched was 'The Adventures of Tintin', this is a beautifully animated movie put together by Steven Spielberg.

It's a fun story that takes you on a treasure hunt to find a lost ship.  I loved the movie. Now I'm not a movie reviewer by any means, I thought it was well written and the characters were perfect, I will watch it again to see what I missed the first time.

The next movie we watched was 'The Hunger Games', the first in the series.  This is the second time I saw the movie, it still held up.

The third movie was 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol', the typical Tom Cruise action flick, not bad.

The fourth movie was 'Hugo', when the movie started I almost turned it off, it was a little slow and boring to begin with, I'm glad I stayed with it what a nice movie.

It follows an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station trying to solve a mystery.  I would recommend this movie, it really is sweet.

I don't know the next time I will have a lazy day to watch a bunch of movies but I'm sure glad that I did.  I will find time to watch 'Adventures of Tintin' again soon, if you get a chance to watch it let me know what you think.