Around this area, most every restaurant claims to have fresh seafood, but truth be told, you are guaranteed the utmost freshest fish and sea scallops at the new Fish House in Fairahaven because the owner of The Fish House owns his own fishing vessels.

The most important product, whether Fish & Chips, Baked Sea Scallops, Baked Stuffed Cod or their extraordinary Fish House Stew must be same day fresh in order to have a successful operation, and that's exactly what the owners of The Fish House do!

Chef Giovanni flame grills the most tender Sirloins and pan sears his Chicken Marsala and sautes in seafood broth his Shrimp Scampi! And his Fish and Scallop presentations are unmatched by any other eatery. The menu is fresh and local, and that combination serves up something called consistency and excellence.

The Fish House, formerly Mermaid's in the CVS Plaza on Rt. 6 Fairhaven is the best, most delicious and freshest seafood I have had in our fishing port, and that says a lot!