It goes against everything you hear or think about McDonald's, that you can lose weight by eating the food.  That question posed by a high school science teacher to his students, can he lose weight by eating every meal at McDonald's?  The answer is yes!  That came as a surprise to many, as the teacher lost weight and improved his cholesterol too.  The teacher took his idea to a local McDonald's and the owner agreed to provide three meals a day to the teacher.

In order to make it a project for students as well, the teacher had the kids choose his meals using strict guidelines, including to sticking to 2000 calories a day and regulating the amount of fat and carbohydrates he could take in.  The students picked items of the menu and the teacher ate everything they picked, at the end of 90 day's he lost 37 pounds.  The weight loss was also helped by walking for 45 minutes a day, and the teacher admitted that he wasn't keeping track of his calorie intake or his nutritional values before the experiment. He thinks this is a lesson for all, that if you keep track of what you eat, track the nutrition and calories you can lose weight and get healthier.