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Update: More On White House Shooting
The Secret Service says one of its uniformed officers shot a man with a gun who approached a checkpoint outside the White House this afternoon and refused to drop his weapon.
The White House was briefly placed on a security alert. President Barack Obama was not there...
Shooting Reported at White House, Gunman Down
WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House has been placed on a security alert after a shooting on a street outside.
An armed man is in custody after being shot by a Secret Service agent near the White House. The shooting happened at a security station outside the White House complex...
September 11th Families Upset With White House
Washington (AP) - Families of victims of the September 11th attacks say they're ``greatly distressed'' that the White House is opposing legislation that would let them sue the government of Saudi Arabia.
The administration is trying to derail the measure, which would allow the Saudi go…
Obama: Terrorists Obtaining Nukes Greatest Threat
President Obama says terrorists getting their hands on a nuke is one of the greatest threats the world faces.
Addressing world leaders at the nuclear security summit in Washington, DC today, Obama said we have "measurably reduced the risk" of terrorists obtaining nuclear material, b…
Rubio Suspends Campaign
Florida Senator Marco Rubio is suspending his campaign for the White House.
In a speech before supporters in Miami, Rubio remarked that he stands by the positive campaign he ran, but it's obvious that it won't get him to the White House this year...
Dr. Ben Carson Bows Out
Ben Carson, is ending his White House bid, is declining to endorse any candidate for the Republican nomination, though he says he has ``talked to all of them this week.''
Speaking to a gathering of conservative activists in suburban Maryland, the retired neurosurgeon says the United States …

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