Washington Redskins

Indians Not Offended By Redskins Name So why Then Are You?
It is becoming increasingly evident that there are those among us who are just looking for reasons to be offended and they want us to be offended too. Let's take for example the case of The Washington Redskins football team.
A new Washington Post poll of 504 Native Americans, on and off the…
Redskins Owner Plans Appeal Of Federal Court Ruling
Washington Redskins GM Bruce Allen is responding to today's ruling that upholds a cancellation of the team's trademark.
Allen says, "We look forward to winning on appeal after a fair and impartial review of the case." He went on to say, "We are convinced that we w…
Redskins Sales Tanking Amid Controversy
Are fans voting with their dollars? Since the recent flap over the Redskins controversy, sales of Redskins items have nosedived 35 percent in the most recent quarter despite a three percent overall rise in NFL merchandise!