Twinkies Are Back But They’re Smaller
Twinkies are back, but they may be a bit smaller than you remember.
The new boxes hitting shelves list the cakes as having 270 calories and a weight of 77 grams for two cakes, or 135 calories and 38.5 grams for one.
Right before it went out of business, the snack cakes' former owner had told the …
Twinkies Will Have a Longer Shelf Life
When Twinkies return to store shelves next week, the spongy yellow cakes will have a shelf life of 45 days. That's nearly three weeks longer than the 26-day shelf life the previous owner claimed. A spokesman for Hostess says the change to extend the shelf life was actually made by the old compn…
How To Make Your Own Twinkies
With the news that Hostess is going out of business, there is more than likely a mad rush to the store to get the last few boxes. If you can't find any, there still might be hope.