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WBSM Newscast Morning January 25, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- New Bedford police are currently looking into a possible kidnapping that took place yesterday in the South End
- An extension has been granted to contractors looking to put a bid in on the South Terminal project
- Governor Patrick is expected to come to the Southcoast today to meet …
WBSM Newscast Morning January 24, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- Rep. Markey of Dartmouth says he's ready to play hardball is others don't support Southcoast rail funding
-  Pilgrim United Church and Mercy Meals is opening a shelter again Thursday night due to the frigid temperatures
- New Bedford Police say that a man jumped out a…
WBSM Newstcast Morning January 23, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
-  The New England fishery management council says that low cod numbers could drive down catch limits
- City officials are designing a new ordinance that would allow the City to take over 'problem properties'
- Greater New Bedford labor market is still in the top two for unemployment …
WBSM Newscast Evening January 22, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- Mayor Mitchell proposed an ordinance to give the city tools to crack down on 'problem properties'
-  Providence man is under arrest after attempting to promote a fake concert at White's of Westport
- Two New Bedford men are under arrest after breaking into laundromat
WBSM Newscast Morning January 22, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- Bankruptcy records show that the pharmacy linked to the meningitis outbreak in Massachusetts pulled millions of dollars out of the company
- A new ordinance  in New Bedford will hold property holders of the 'property problem' areas in New Bedford responsible for the cost of emergen…
WBSM Newscast Mid-Day January 18, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- Lt. Gov. Tim Murray says that he won't be running for Governor after all
-  Mayor Jon Mitchell is currently in Washington, where he lobbied for President Obama's gun-control plan
- New Bedford police have arrested two people linked to car robberies near Buttonwood Park
WBSM Newscast Morning January 18, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- New Bedford firefighters extinguished a large house fire on Thursday night. The fire was deep in the building, and crews had a hard time
- Jon Mitchell is Washington attending the conference of mayors
- Man charged with a New Bedford robbery last week, is now being charged with anot…
WBSM Newscast Morning January 17, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- Governor Deval Patrick provided new details on his tax plan
- Officials say it's a slow time of year to clean up the Parker St. Waste site
- A major accident in Dartmouth sent four people to the hospital yesterday
WBSM Newscast Morning January 15, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- Staff shortages are among one of the many thing in the New Bedford schools
- Civil Rights groups are asking Martha Coakley to investigate the Malcolm Gracia case
- Good news that the Patrick administration has included money for the Southcoast commuter rail, but many want more than …
WBSM Newscast Morning January 11, 2013
WBSM Top Stories
- The city council says making New Bedford city residents  included in the development of the South Terminal project is a priority
- New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell looking for a new school superintendent
- 18 year old Dartmouth teen is being held after bringing an illegal firearm into …

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