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WBSM Newscast Mid-Day January 9, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- There are 18 flu related deaths this season
- Congressman Tierny is concerned that fisherman relief will come up short
-  New Bedford's plan to plan a solar farm in Rochester has been approved
WBSM Newscast Evening January 8, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
-  Traffic was backed up on route 240 in Fairhaven on Tuesday afternoon due to a minor accident
- There is a new New Bedford city council president
-  Officials at Boston Logan airport say they have contained a fuel leak on a Japan Air flight
WBSM Newscast Morning January 7, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- An overnight fire in Acushnet has sent a woman to the hospital with some injuries
-  New Bedford firefighters also battling a fire over the weekend that affected a two story building
-  The annual 'Moby Dick' reading marathon that started Saturday, and took about 25 hours
WBSM Newscast Mid-Day January 4, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- Former Rep. Barney Frank wants John Kerry's senate seat
- Trades men and women talked jobs on Thursday as the new South Terminal project gets underway
- Jury selection has begun in the Maine murder trial of a New Bedford man
WBSM Newscast Evening January 3, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- New Bedford family and police officer linked after a remarkable New Year's day birth
- A South End man has been arrested by New Bedford police after being involved in a armed robbery
- Massachusetts law makers are making things tougher for people who want to own guns
WBSM Newscast Morning January 3, 2013
WBSM Top Stories:
- The House is expected to reelect John Boehner as speaker of the house, but they say that he is beaten and battered
- Police near Sandy Hook Elementary say that their presence makes the school the safest it's ever been
- State Rep Cabral is happy that transportation has been made a p…
WBSM Newscast Evening December 27, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Rep. Ed Markley says he is prepared to run for John Kerry's senate seat
- New contract in the works for dock workers, some on the East Coast
- US House to reconvene on Sunday to talk about the Fiscal Cliff
WBSM Newscast Morning December 27, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Coastal flood advisory until noon Thursday. High winds have power lines down in New Bedford's surrounding areas
- New Bedford Firefighters helped keep a truck fire under control on Wednesday
- Carver man arrested for punching his wife in the face on Christmas, and abusing the f…
WBSM Newscast Morning December 20, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Several hundred people came out to a vigil in Mattapoisett on Wednesday night
-  Many showed up at a pre-bid conference for the Maritime Commerce terminal in New Bedford
-  More than a third of the employees at parachute company could be laid off
WBSM Newscast Mid-Day December 19, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- The Mayor of Fall River has ordered there be police guards at all 16 Fall River schools
- More candlelight vigils for the Sandy Hook shooting victims around the Southcoast
- New plans to add another park to New Bedford saw final plans last night

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