tallman street

Mitchell: Community Safety ‘Obligation We Owe Our Residents’
It's been a quiet week for crime in New Bedford, but that doesn't mean city or police officials are taking it for granted.
In his weekly appearance on WBSM, Mayor Jon Mitchell said the steps the city and the police department have taken toward curbing crime in problem neighborhoods such as Tallman St…
Man Charged With Assaulting Cab Driver
A New Bedford man is facing assault charges after allegedly beating up a cab driver Monday night.
The driver told Police he had picked up the man in Fall River and transported him to aTallman Street address. When he asked for payment, he was attacked...
New Bedford Fire Crews Battle Two Fires Monday Afternoon
New Bedford Firefighters made quick work of two fires Monday afternoon. 
Fire crews were battling a small fire at 82 Nye Street when an alarm sounded for a second blaze at 45 Tallman Street. 
Several trucks were diverted to the Tallman street address, where District Chief Jeff Pothier says s…