This Week’s “Church Lady” Announcements
With "The Church Lady" taking a well-deserved day off (her first since starting the weekly segment in 2007), it was up to me to share some of the goings-on of the local SouthCoast worship scene. Since I'm sure I messed something up, I thought I'd re-post the announcements…
Was This A North Providence Miracle?
Do you believe in miracles? A few days ago, traffic was backed up for a mile as drivers slowed down in front of the Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in North Providence to catch a glimpse of what some are saying is the miraculous appearance of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus.
Could the New Royal Baby Be the Antichrist?
A day after giving birth, Kate Middleton and husband Prince William emerged from the London hospital where their son was born. They looked over joyed, but could their son be something more than what they intended?
Does Heaven Send Signs in the Sky?
Do you believe God communicates with us by way of images in the sky? In a photo taken during Greek Independence Day ceremonies on the steps of New Bedford, MA City Hall, I was speaking about the day also being shared with the Feast of the Annunciation, when the Angel Gabriel told Mary she would…

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