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Proposal Would Let Landlords Evict Tenants for Gun Crimes
A New Bedford City Councillor wants to give more power to landlords when it comes to evicting problem tenants.
Ward 6 Councillor Joe Lopes is asking the council to draft a home rule petition that would expand the existing state nuisance law to give landlords the authority to evict tenants that are in…
Mayor Mitchell Signs Problem Properties Ordinance
After two years and countless amendments, the "Problem Properties" Ordinance was signed into law by Mayor Jon Mitchell Wednesday afternoon.
The law holding landlords responsible for the conduct of their tenants will be in effect immediately.
Problem Properties Ordinance Voted To Go To Full Council
The "Problem Properties' Ordinance in New Bedford moves on to the full Council after being passed by the Committee on Ordinances.
Council members voted on several changes to the much discussed ordinance, which will be re-drafted and voted on again in February...
Mitchell Pushes For Passage of Problem Properties Ordinance
The New Bedford City Council is getting set to once again discuss Mayor Jon Mitchell's proposed "Problem Properties" ordinance.
Speaking on his weekly radio program, Mitchell says the ordinance has been in and out of committee for nearly two years, and needs to be passed...
City Council Debates New “Problem Properties” Ordinance
Mayor Jon Mitchell is touting a new ordinance to address "problem properties" in the city, and that's not sitting well with some City Councilors.
The Council debated the recently-drafted ordinance Thursday, which would bill property owners for excessive police calls or code vio…