Who Prints Pictures Anymore? [VIDEO]
This commercial for Cannon is pretty funny. With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, not too many people bother printing pictures anymore. There doesn't seem to be a point if you can access your favorite photos from anywhere as long as your phone or tablet is on your person...
What Is Your Favorite Halloween Candy?[POLL]
Happy Halloween! On this Friday we ask you what you would most like to find in your trick-or-treat bag tonight if you were heading out.
Or, which candy is the one you try to sneak for yourself after the kids get home?
What’s Your Favorite Kick-Off Time? [POLL]
The Patriots are not playing this Sunday, so what are you going to do with all that free time? I watch football every Sunday regardless of who is playing, but I know people that don't and with the Pats playing Monday night, it gives you a free Sunday.
Is It Ever Okay To Idle In The Fire Lane? [POLL]
We had a call on the morning show today from a woman who said she and her husband had gone to Stop & Shop (she did not say which one) to just run in and get an item. Her husband waited in the car, with the car running, in front of the store. He did pull up so that he was not blocking the doo…

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