The Great WBSM Morning Show Listener Survey 2013
I got a letter today from someone who says they USED to listen to the morning show, but don't anymore because they don't like the "question of the day" and they feel we are obsessed with pop culture. "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!"
Do You Think Was Stephen Rakes Murdered? [POLL]
The atrocious details emerging from the Whitey Bulger trial are detestable. Just recently, another grisly development with the discovery of the body of Stephen Rakes, former South Boston liquor store owner who claimed Bulger extorted him out of his business.
Help Us Choose a WBSM Mascot [POLL]
We had fun this week taking nominations for the new WBSM Mascot!
This week we decided that WBSM needed a mascot. The mascot could be used for parades, station appearances, or festivals.

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