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The Story Behind “No Shave November”
You may see more facial hair starting next month as No Shave November begins again.
No Shave November was started in 2009 by Rebecca Hill in the hopes of raising awareness and funds for cancer research.
The idea is that nearly everyone spends some money on shaving, or grooming. So,...
Pete Braley Finally Takes Down The Dolphin Fathead
It's got to be 5 years now since my oldest daughter Sarah bought me a Dan Marino Fathead for Christmas. It's been on the wall of my office all this time getting many looks and comments from guests here at WBSM. My office is right across the hall from the studio, so anyone who was ever a gu…
WBSM Big Bucket Amaral’s Market [Video]
Here comes the big game the one we look forward to every year, too bad that the Patriots won't be playing in it.  Well look at it this way, we can all watch the game and not worry who wins or loses and we won't have to spend money on championship gear to wear for the game...

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